The SouthSearch Recruiting Process

SouthSearch is your answer for a legal recruiter

 Your firm has made a decision to add another lawyer to the team. This can be a challenging and seemingly daunting task. The professionals at SouthSearch can simplify the process for you while making it cost efficient.

 We hold the belief that the greatest asset of an organization is the personnel. Therefore our commitment to you is to provide only the most highly qualified individuals for the position you are seeking to fill consistent with what your goals and achievements of that position are.

 In order to achieve the best match, we perform in-depth interviews with candidates in order to understand their specialties, skill sets and character profiles. We then align the candidates’ profile information to the technical and personal requisites of the organization and make our recommendations to the client.

 What you can expect

An overview of the process that SouthSearch employs to make that precise match includes the following:

 Learn your needs:  We consult with you to discuss and determine what your specific needs and criteria are. This is part of establishing a professional, yet personal relationship with you that we believe is essential throughout the process.

 Market the job:  After we determine your needs, we do the necessary research to obtain specific knowledge about your business model, culture, and competition. We use this information to market the job opportunity to qualified candidates. This research also gives us the knowledge to answer questions the potential candidate may have.

 Candidate Pool:  We employ various means to recruit potential candidates. The candidate pool is not restricted to those who are actively searching for a new position. We can give qualified individuals who are currently employed facts about your firm and explain the benefits of joining your team.

 Screening:  Since we have established a relationship with you and know your needs we screen candidates to find the most viable fit. We can advise you on the capabilities of a specific candidate which will save you time.

 Candidate Referral:   This happens only after we are confident that a candidate is qualified and has the potential to become a positive addition to your firm. If the candidate meets those criteria, then we’ll offer you their resume for your review...….along with their law school and undergraduate transcripts, writing samples and, as relevant, such other information we can obtain.

 Negotiation phase:   After you make a decision about the candidate you are interested in hiring, we work with you to present the offer to that individual. We will assist in the negotiation between you and the candidate so that a “win-win” outcome is achieved.

 Continual Communication:  We understand the importance of being in constant communication with you to make sure your goals are being satisfied. Some of the things we’ll discuss with you include our thoughts about the candidates, their level of expertise and technical skills, and their range of expected compensation.

 The legal team in a law firm has its unique personality and primary emphasis. Our pledge at SouthSearch is to find the candidate that emulates the same philosophies and principles to complement the culture of your organization.

Our typical placement fees for “garden variety” associates are primarily determined by the market, our relationship and length of it with our client and various other issues.  The terms of payment are always flexible as our client may desire.

For searches other than “garden variety” (i.e. partners, practice groups, consulting, etc.), our fees are subject to reasonable negotiation depending on the circumstances.  Again, the terms of payment are flexible.

More and more often, we offer and encourage our clients to enter into what we call a “container agreement-a cross between a contingency placement (the norm) and a retainer.   If such an agreement is employed, a negotiate retainer is paid us at the outset of the search when the duties of the parties are completely understood.  When a placement is made, the amount of the fee, is deducted from the container fee paid.

When such and agreement is entered into, all of our placement efforts for the client immediately go to the front of our existing workload purely out of respect for the confidence placed in our services.