Welcome to SouthSearch – Legal Recruiting customized for you

You are a lawyer. You bring a unique set of qualities to your job; your career and experiences are different from every other lawyer in the field. And now you are interested in taking your career to a higher level. You need an experienced legal recruiter, one having exceptional relationships with its clients and one dedicated to your career and which of our prominent clients can fulfill that. 

Just as you use professionals for tax advice, health care, and other important issues in your life – making a career change should include working with an expert.  Attempts to make professional changes can be done personally but, generally, with little success.  A competent legal recruiter knows firm cultures, how to successfully market a candidate and how to employ other effective techniques of which very few, if any, candidates are aware of.

At SouthSearch, you will find recruiters who are experts at what they do. The process we follow to appropriately place lawyers with a law firm or corporation has proven to be successful and profitable for all parties. Included in this process:

  • Your resume is reviewed by our staff.
  • We talk to you about your career and hiring desires.
  • You are notified about potential job opportunities.
  • We schedule the interviews.

    Once you are granted one or more interviews, we are fully prepared to assist you in all aspects of an initial screening interview through one that may possibly result in a job offer.

    Keeley Mitchell, currently on our staff, is a seasoned career advisor well adept at looking at the candidate and the position at issue.  Her impeccable credentials are set forth on our website under “About Us”.  Keeley spends exceptional time fully preparing a candidate for interviews at every level of the process.  That is her specialty.

    After some time with Keeley,  you can be assured of feeling “at the top of your game” when the interview comes.

    There is no charge to a candidate for Keeley’s services.

  • You are given information about the prospective firm and employer.
  • We provide you with post-interview feedback.
  • All associated fees are paid by the employer.

Typically, in the attorney experience range of between 2 and 10 years, we are looking for the following:

  • Graduation from a top ten law school (as ranked by US News & World Report).
  • Ideally, graduation a top 10 law school with strong class ranking and other credentials such as Law Review, Moot Court, etc.
  • If not in top 10 law school, at least in a top 25 law school.  Here, higher-class ranking are more important than those of a top 10 national firm.  Credentials such as Moot Court and/or Law Review) are strong considerations.
  • Although these are the general parameters, other factors can be considered based upon the individual.
  • For attorneys with practice in excess of 10 years, the foregoing is irrelevant.

Your ability and aspirations are expertly matched 

Having initially confined our markets to Florida and Georgia as stated above, Our team at SouthSearch now works with law firms and corporations nationwide and, occasionally, international . Our established relationships with firms and corporations are such that they indisputably trust our judgment and use our services continually to locate the perfect candidate.

Our goal is to help you obtain a quality long-term placement. Combining our creative and entrepreneurial skills with our knowledge of the legal marketplace you know that SouthSearch is your answer for a legal recruiter. 

We stand behind our commitment to making the absolute best match for you and your new employer. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed your expectations. We look forward to working with you and carefully planning your next steps in your career. We promise that the result of this placement endeavor will be rewarding for all involved parties. We can be contacted directly at 850-545-603 or 850-536-6493.  We can also be contacted via e mail at bcamp@southsearch.com . All communications with us bear the highest levels of confidentiality.