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October 2014

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BLOG 1 OCTOBER 15, 2014

1. Diversify your job search.

A good and experience legal recruiter is an excellent source for your job search. But, don’t be reluctant to search on your own: reach out to people you know at a firm (but be careful to list them as a reference). Your recruiter can explain why and this issue must be addressed. Also, network; utilize your law firm’s placement department, etc. Use your imagination!!! It is important for your recruiter to know, without exception, any firms you have contacted and/or sent resumes to. Your recruiter can explain this reason, as well.

2. Chose the right recruiter.

Make sure you are comfortable with your recruiter. Ask him or her tough questions, their track record, length of experience in the field, whether they have a J.D. degree and if he/she has actually practiced law. This is important because a recruiter with practice experience knows the best firms, their specialty practices, quality of the work environment and other issues important to your decision(s).

3. Consistent with paragraph 2, it is in your best interest to work with one recruiter.

Your recruiter should always gain your permission for a resume submission and you should keep a complete record of who has been sent your resume or any supporting documents, which may and can explain issues not contained in your resume. A good recruiter knows what issues not contained are important based on the particular position which matches your qualifications and experience.

If you choose to use more that one recruiter, it is critical that the other recruiter(s) are on the “same page” as yours so that your resume is not sent to firms that already have it. Failure to do this gives the firm the clear impression that neither the recruiter nor you know what they are doing thus leading to an initial bad impression of you. If you are using another recruiter(s), he or she should be immediately made known of who it is. Your recruiter can explain the reasons for this also.

4. Above all, be totally honest with your recruiter.

You may not want to mention or disclose certain information, good or bad. But, be completely candid and let your recruiter know in advance so he/she can be forewarned and make a decision of what or whatnot to disclose under the circumstances. The recruiters’ credibility and effectiveness are seriously undermined to your detriment.





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