SouthSearch promises utmost confidentiality

In the arena of recruiting, the importance of confidentiality cannot be stressed enough. You need to be assured and trust that information you disclose to the legal recruiter will be safeguarded.

Of paramount importance to our credo at SouthSearch is respecting the confidentiality of both our clients and candidates. We belong to the National Association of Legal Search Consultants and steadfastly subscribe to that organization’s Code of Ethics.

As our client:

  • You decide how and when information about the job search is distributed to candidates.
  • Any information that we obtain in our discussions with you that is necessary in understanding your company, but should remain confidential, will remain confidential. 
  • Your company name is not given to the candidate until the screening process is complete and deemed to be a viable candidate.
  • The candidate is informed that your company name and job position is confidential – he or she is required to not reveal this information.

As a candidate:

  • Your name will never be revealed to a potential employer without your approval.
  • Your information shall remain confidential; subject to our obligation’s to the prospective employer.
  • We won’t contact your present or past employers without your permission.
  • Your resume will only be distributed with your permission

Recruiting potential candidates for a position in a law firm is founded on mutual trust. As part of that trust, we at SouthSearch are committed to protecting personal and sensitive information of both the client and candidate. It’s as important to us as it is to you to establish and maintain confidentiality throughout the entire process.