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SouthSearch Inc.

SouthSearch, Inc. is where preeminent legal recruiting meets creativity, innovation and experience unsurpassed in the legal recruiting industry. Founded in 1995 with offices in Atlanta, Tallahassee and Jacksonville, SouthSearch provides the most prominent law firms, corporations and institutions in the United States and in selected foreign markets with top legal talent. Built by and expanded upon the extensive knowledge of attorneys, their practices and their potential employers, together with our candidates' career-goal objectives, the quality of our services is without equal. 

SouthSearch, Inc. has been in the legal recruiting business consecutively since 1995.

Employer Services

As your legal recruiter we are committed to providing you with the best qualified professionals in a timely manner. Our thorough process allows us to ascertain which candidates align optimally to your criteria. 


Candidate Services

Our goal is to place you in a position where you can reach your professional and career goals. We’ll match your skills to an opportunity that you find rewarding and an environment that reflects your vision.

Why Us!

Our team at SouthSearch brings years of experience to the legal recruiting arena. Passionate, skillful, and committed we work to make this endeavor rewarding for all parties involved.